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Our Approach to Rodent Control

Sanitation is a key factor in gaining control of rodent infestations. In poor sanitation areas where there is a constant water and food supply, control is difficult and sometimes impossible. There has to be a limit to food and water access to control rodents. Once your facility has been inspected we will make recommendations on what needs to change in order to assist in controlling the rodent infestations. After addressing the sanitation issues one or a combination of the following techniques will be used.

Rats and Mice Fort Worth Arlington

Rodents cause lots of damage in and around homes and commercial buildings. Rodents can gnaw through a wide variety of materials, including lead and aluminum sheeting, wood, rubber, vinyl, fiberglass, plastic, and low-quality concrete or concrete block. At times they cause fires in structures by gnawing on wires and electrical outlets. There are three commensal rodents that are frequently encountered, the House Mouse, Norway, and Roof Rat.  Here at All Dead Termite Co. we use the latest techniques to trap, exclude or use rodenticides to solve your rodent issues.

  • Snap Traps – Placed in the locations where rodents are known to frequent.
  • Multiple Catch Traps – These traps catch more than one rodent at a time.
  • Rodent Exclusion – This technique is an attempt to stop rodent entry. Stopping entry may include cutting overhead branches, patching holes, and re-screening attic vents.
  • Baiting – Baiting involves placing bait in the rodents home range which has to be determined by inspecting the premises.

Rat Capabilities

  • Enter through spaces 1/2 inch or larger
  • Climb vertical on pipes or conduit and rough surfaces like bricks.
  • Jump 36 inches vertically
  • Jump 48 inches horizontally
  • A female can produce up to 84 pups a year
  • Drop 50 Feet without serious injury
  • Burrow straight down for 36 inches
  • Enter buildings through toilets and uncovered drains

House Mouse Capabilities

  • Enter though 1/4 inch openings
  • Jump 18 inches high
  • A female can produce near 56 pups annually

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