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Termite Extermination and Treatment Fort Worth Arlington

Termites do lots of damage to homes every year. Termites are most active during humid spring days. Here in North Texas we commonly see swarms at this time of year. If you think you may have a problem with termites don’t hesitate to call us.

**Rarely will any two Termite applications be exactly the same; therefore, it is a necessity for us to visit with so that we may customized a treatment for your structure.**

Types of Post Construction Termite Treatments

Partial Treatment – This technique allows a wide variety of treatment strategies but is more involved than a spot treatment. Ex: Treatment of some or all of the perimeter, bath traps, expansion joints, stress cracks, bait stations, and plumbing penetrations

Spot Treatment – Any Treatment that concerns a limited, defined area less than 10 linear or square feet and intended to protect a specific location or “SPOT.” Often there are adjacent areas susceptible to termite infestation, which are not treated.

Termite Baiting – Termite Baiting involves placement of stations around a structure in an effort to attract termites from the structure to the stations themselves, once this happens an active ingredient is placed in the station to kill the termites.

Termite Treatment Techniques are as Follows

Inspecting – Inspecting the problem is the first thing anyone performing a termite service needs to do. We must always inspect the location before giving a price that is the only way to figure out how the treatment must be done. You should be leery of any company who gives you a price without seeing your structure.

Drilling – Drilling is used to help obtain a continuous chemical barrier, after the holes are complete the soil is injected with Termiticide. Then the holes are plugged and covered with cement.

Trenching and Rodding – This technique creates a small trench barrier around the non cemented areas adjacent to the foundation. The trench is filled with Termiticide then the removed soil is replaced.

Foaming – The foam technique allows us to apply the chemical in wall voids or other voids that can’t be reached by other techniques. It is great tool for trouble shooting those hard to treat areas.

Bath Trap Treatment – Beneath most Bath Tubs there is a cut out in the slab that allows room for plumbing drainage. This cut out is a common place for termites to come up from the soil. When treating bath traps it is often necessary to install an access panel for treatment and future inspections.